How Apache Bigtop leveraged Docker for build automation and one click Hadoop provisioning

講者:葉祐欣 Evans Ye / Trend Micro
地點: 3F – 第二會議室
講題:How Apache Bigtop leveraged Docker for build automation and one click Hadoop provisioning


Apache Bigtop as an open source Hadoop distribution, focuses on developing packaging, testing and deployment solutions that helps infrastructure engineers to build up their own customized bigdata platform as easy as possible. However, packages deployed in production require a solid CI testing framework to ensure its quality. Numbers of Hadoop component must be ensured to work perfectly together as well. In this presentation, we'll talk about how Bigtop deliver its containerized CI framework which can be directly replicated by Bigtop users. The core revolution here is the newly developed Hadoop provisioner that leveraged Docker for infra automation. The content of this talk includes the technical detail of Bigtop Hadoop provisinoer, a hierarchy of docker images we designed, and several components we developed such as Bigtop Toolchain to achieve build automation.


Evans Ye(葉祐欣) is currently an Apache Bigtop Committer and PMC member. He works at Trend Micro focuses on developing bigdata infrastructure and applications. He loves to code, automate things, and develop CI solutions. Aside engineering stuff, he is also an ensuthism in giving talks to share IT innovations and cutting edge technologies. Evans had given a talk in HadoopCon Taiwan 2014 titled "Getting Involved in World-class Software Engineering: Tips and Tricks to Join Apache Open Source Community" to encourge more people in Taiwan join ASF projects. In addition, 2 times TW hadoop user group talks, dozens of Trend Micro internal sharing, made him a well experienced presenter.
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